COE Submission

This is the index for the online version of my COE submission. I have re-arranged the information for skeins and swatches for better online presentation, for the actual entry each sample is tagged or mounted in a file folder. Also included are my notes, score for each item and comments from the examiners.

Questions to ask

Island of Misfit Yarns

Part 1: Design

A. Elements and Principles

  1. Texture
  2. Rhythm
  3. Balance
  4. Proportion
  5. Emphasis
  6. Unity

B. Color Definitions

  1. Hue
  2. Value
  3. Chroma
  4. Primary color
  5. Secondary color
  6. Tertiary color

C. Color Schemes

  1. Monochrome
  2. Analogous
  3. Complementary
  4. Split Complementary
  5. Triad

D. Spinning to a Standard

  1. Twist and Twist Angle
  2. Measuring Meters per kilogram
  3. Spun size and finished size
  4. Project planning
  5. Reproducing commercial wool yarns

Part 2: Equipment and Fibers

A. Fiber-Preparation Tools

  1. Hand cards
  2. Drum carder
  3. Flicker
  4. Worsted combs
  5. Dog comb
  6. Picker
  7. Distaff
  8. Hackle

B. Spinning Equipment

  1. Drop spindle
  2. Small supported spindle
  3. Large supported spindle
  4. Wheel-driven spindle
  5. Spinning wheel
Skein #1: Drop spindle
Skein #2: Small supported spindle
Skein #3: Large supported spindle
Skein #4: Wheel-driven spindle
Skein #5: Spinning wheel

C. Fibers

Table I: Sheep's Wool
Table II: Protein Fibers
Table III: Cellulose Fibers
Table IV: Man-Made Fibers

Part 3: Handspinning Techniques

A. Sheep's Wool

Discussion: Woolen, Semi-Worsted and True Worsted

Skein #6: Fine worsted yarn
Skein #7: Medium worsted yarn
Skein #8: Fine woolen yarn
Skein #9: Medium woolen yarn
Skein #10: Thick woolen yarn

Swatch A

B. Cotton

Skein #11: Extra Fine smooth singles yarn
Skein #12: Fine textured singles yarn
Skein #13: Medium smooth yarn, multiple ply
Skein #14: Fine smooth singles yarn
Skein #15: Extra Fine or Fine even two-ply from Extra Fine singles

Swatch B

C. Flax

Skein #16: Fine smooth yarn, wet spun
Skein #17: Medium yarn, dry spun
Skein #18: Thick yarn, smooth or textured
Skein #19: Fine, Medium or Thick even textured two-ply yarn, wet spun from a strick
Skein #20: Fine, Medium or Thick even three ply yarn

Swatch C

D. Silk

Skein #21: Extra Fine smooth yarn
Skein #22: Fine smooth yarn
Skein #23: Medium smooth yarn (may be multiple ply)
Skein #24: Extra Fine textured yarn
Skein #25: Fine textured yarn

Swatch D

E. Other Fibers

Skein #26: Yarn from protein fibers, short, down type
Skein #27: Yarn from protein fibers, long, hair type
Skein #28: Yarn from cellulose fibers
Skein #29: Yarn from synthetic fibers

Swatch E

F. Blending Fibers

Discussion: Blending Fibers

Skein #30: A color scheme other than monochrome
Skein #31: A special effect by blending color as well as two different fibers
Skein #32: Yarn of consistent quality in a two ply. Different fibers in each of the singles
Skein #33: Yarn creating a special effect by fiber preparation
Skein #34: Yarn creating a textural effect
Skein #35: Special effect yarn produced with a blend of fibers

Swatch F

G. Plying

Discussion: Plying

Skein #36: Two-ply yarn of consistent quality with different twist directions in the singles
Skein #37: Yarn of consistent quality in the applicant's choice of plied design (must include more than one plying operation)
Skein #38: Special-effect yarn produced by spinning around a core
Skein #39: Special-effect yarn, either singles or plied, featuring the amount of twist as a design factor
Skein #40: Spinner's choice, demonstrating an understanding of plying

Swatch G