Skein #11 Cotton Extra Fine Smooth Singles Yarn

1215 m 28 g 43400 m/kg
31.5 w/cm 80 w/in
Size Determination: Extra fine

Upland carded sliver

Reason for choice of this sample
This carded fiber drafts well and has minimal trash.

Organic upland sliver, from Carolina Homespun — San Francisco, California

Preparation for spinning
None required

Equipment used
Flyer spinning wheel

Type of spinning
Unsupported long draw

Direction of Twist

Number of plies

Washed and dried under light tension.

Suggested uses
Weft for fine fabrics such as shirtings or napkins. This is similar to industrial yarns used for lightweight knit fabrics. As a single, it is too fragile for most construction methods and too small to be practical for hand knitting or crochet. It is best used plied.


Maximum 54 points

Examiner 1: 54
Examiner 2: 48

Examiner 1 thought this was wonderful but Examiner 2 noted inconsistency in size and the amount of VM. There was a lot of junk in this fiber and, believe it or not, a lot of it came out in the spinning and winding. But after hours and hours of picking cotton trash out of other skeins, I was really over it. I made an effort to remove it from the skein, but not all that much of one. Examiner 2 also expects all cottons to be finished by boiling. This used to be considered standard procedure, but these days plenty of people don't think boiling white cotton is that important.