Part 2: Equipment and Fibers

Section B: Spinning Equipment

Wheel-driven spindle

A spindle wheel is a supported spindle turned on its side and given a drive band. Spin from the tip of the spindle at an angle, just like the tip of a pointed supported spindle. To wind on, stop turning the drive wheel, unwind the yarn from the point of the spindle, hold it perpendicular to the shaft and start turning the wheel slowly. Spiral the yarn back to the end to continue spinning.

Different styles of spindle wheels have different drive mechanisms. Some are turned by hand and others by foot treadle, with either a direct drive or accelerating drive configuration and a few have adjustable ratios. See the manufacturer's instructions for setup and adjustment of a particular wheel. Most have a metal spindle and it is often sharp. Spin on hand turned wheels with a one hand drafting method like the supported spindle. Any method can be used with a treadle driven wheel. Spindle wheels are discontinuous spinning: the spinner stops and starts the wheel as needed to add twist or wind on.

A charka (image 7) is one style of hand turned spindle wheel. Some flyer spinning wheels have an optional quill attachment (image 8.) A great wheel is a type of hand turned spindle wheel with a very large drive wheel.


This item is scored with its associated yarn.