Skein #2 Small Supported Spindle

243 m 28 g 8700 m/kg
17.5 w/cm 45 w/in
Size Determination: Fine

Yearling fleece

Reason for choice of this sample
This mohair drafts well from rolags and makes a good fine yarn.


Preparation for spinning
Scour, pick, card and make rolags

Equipment used
Fine wool cards, 25g spindle

Type of spinning
Unsupported long draw

Direction of Twist

Number of plies

Washed and blocked

Suggested uses
Weft for a lightweight woven shawl or throw, combine with a solid color warp to show the random color changes. In a two-ply, it makes a lace knitting yarn for delicate garments. This fiber is lustrous and the fine yarn shows the natural colors of the fleece.


Maximum 36 points

Examiner 1: 32
Examiner 2: 32

Both commented that the single would require more twist for a two-ply, one of my suggested uses. (Coming up with two good uses was a problem for some yarns, which is why several suggest plying.) I didn't actually spin and knit a sample but I did a balanced two-ply of this single and it looked ok to me. Knitting can use very fragile yarn that other construction techniques often can't.

Examiner 2 seems to think the fiber should have been combed, not carded. The comment doesn't exactly say that, but does give the "3 inch rule of thumb" for card/comb. Because of how these items are scored, it is hard to tell if this is a point-losing complaint or a helpful suggestion. I carded it because I liked the results better than combing unruly curly mohair.