Skein #1 Drop Spindle

73.5 m 28 g 2500 m/kg
6.9 w/cm 17.5 w/in
Size Determination: Medium

Border Leicester type fleece

Reason for choice of this sample
This fleece has a long staple length and a mix of textures. I selected the smoother light brown fiber for this skein, it was cotted but otherwise clean. It appears to be a Border Leicester or cross.

Barb Giamalis — Valley View, SA, Australia

Preparation for spinning
Scour and flick, drum card and then rough comb

Equipment used
Dog brush, drum carder, two row combs, 95g drop spindle

Type of spinning
Short forward draft

Direction of Twist

Number of plies

Washed and blocked

Suggested uses
This yarn is an appropriate weight for sturdy woven fabrics, such as for outerwear. The uniform color provides a neutral background. Use in a twill weave for a garment fabric or with a thick weft for blankets.


Maximum 36 points

Examiner 1: 36
Examiner 2: 34

Examiner 2 noted variation in the yarn size.