Swatch B

Skein 14
Construction Technique
4-ply weft, woven tabby rep with #10 crochet cotton.

Suggested Use
Placemats. In a 4-ply, this yarn is a utility filler weft for medium-weight fabrics.


Maximum 54 points

Examiner 1: 37
Examiner 2: 45

Examiner 1 was disappointed I hid the handspun weft in a warp-faced weave. So am I, that I don't have a decent loom. Nobody commented that all my woven swatches are three selvage warp-faced. They all have fringe too, because it's that fourth selvage that gets you. This yarn in a 4-ply came out looking like dishcloth cotton and I didn't have enough extra to knit something. After the mess of spinning it I didn't want to do any more, either. Examiner 2 would have liked to have a better look at the weft yarn, but the structure of the piece doesn't leave very much weft visible.