Skein #14 Cotton Fine Smooth Yarn

235.5 m 28 g 8400 m/kg
15.5 w/cm 39.5 w/in
Size Determination: Fine


Reason for choice of this sample
These Indian punis made the most even fine yarn, which is relatively large for cotton. The fiber is coarse, short and has a lot of trash to pick out.


Preparation for spinning
Loosenen the punis by pulling into a longer rolag

Equipment used
Flyer spinning wheel

Type of spinning
Unsupported long draw

Direction of Twist

Number of plies

Washed and blocked

Suggested uses
This yarn can be used for warp or weft for medium-weight fabrics. The soft surface is good for everyday garments like a casual shirt. Four to six ply makes a general-purpose utility yarn that can be used for cotton blankets, kitchen twine or rug warp.


Maximum 54 points

Examiner 1: 48
Examiner 2: 48

Examiner 1 noted some inconsistency in size that causes the thinner bits to get overtwisted when the yarn is relaxed. Examiner 2 only noted the difference in twist and thought the entire skein was overtwisted (and also that it was not boiled.) I like how this yarn came out, but boy was it a pain to spin. First, trying to get even yarn out of the Indian punis, then pulling out vast quantities of trash. After getting it out of the fiber while spinning, it took eight hours to get more out of the yarn. Carded cotton is always full of junk because machine harvesting smashes up the bolls and mechanical ginning chews it up even more. Hand picked and ginned cotton is almost perfectly clean.