Skein #12 Cotton Fine Textured Singles Yarn

589.5 m 28 g 12000 m/kg
17.5 w/cm 45 w/in
Size Determination: Fine


Reason for choice of this sample
This unginned fiber has all the cotton from the plant, from very short to very long. The long fibers are enough to hold together a soft yarn surrounding clumps of short fibers.

Cotton Clouds seed Pima, from Carolina Homespun — San Francisco, California

Preparation for spinning
I removed the seeds and trash, carded just enough to form a batt and made punis

Equipment used
Wool hand cards, wood dowel, flyer spinning wheel

Type of spinning
Unsupported long draw

Direction of Twist

Number of plies

Washed and dried under light tension.

Suggested uses
Weft for fine warp-faced or delicate balanced plain weave fabrics. A closely set warp contains the soft yarn enough for a washable decorating fabric, such as for placemats, or for a lightweight jacket. The remaining plant material makes it unsuited for next-to-skin fabrics. The texture is in the short fibers, which need to be firmly stabilized by the construction technique.


Maximum 54 points

Examiner 1: 50
Examiner 2: 46

Examiner 1 noted that the yarn looks finer on the card than in the skein. This one was very close to being too fine when I wrapped it and I did try to not stretch it in the process. You have to put some kind of tension on it or it wanders all over the card. Examiner 2 thinks it's not textured enough, and also that it should be boiled. I'm surprised nobody mentiond the VM; from what came out of the bag, actual cotton fiber was only about half. All that trash was in there because it was mechanically harvested and extracted from the crushed bolls.