Part 2: Equipment and Fibers

Section A: Fiber-Preparation Tools


A picker is a large mechanical device with sharp spikes. It must be securely fastened to the workbench and used with care. A heavy bib apron is recommended, it is easy to catch clothing in the points. Most pickers include a locking mechanism for safe storage and transport.

The Patrick Green style of picker shown (image 9) is one kind of manually operated picker, capable of continuous operation. A bin or tray must be placed on the opposite side of the machine to collect the picked fiber. Place the clean wool loosely in the intake tray (on the right) and swing the picker forwards and back. The teeth pull apart the fiber bit by bit and push it out the other side into the collection bin. Be careful not to catch your hands or clothing. Heavily matted or tangled wool will be difficult to pick, do not force the picker or the fiber may break. A mechanical picker works best with medium to coarse wools and can damage fine wools.


Maximum 12 points

Examiner 1: 12
Examiner 2: 12