Swatch G

Skein 40
Construction Technique
Andean warp-faced backstrap weaving, with a complementary warp pattern in natural gray, gray overdyed blue and natural white.

Suggested Use
Bag with stripes of traditional narrow patterns on a solid ground. This style of weaving uses a fine, strong and tightly twisted yarn.


Maximum 54 points

Examiner 1: 54
Examiner 2: 54

This swatch is the only one I know that I will actually do something with. I have been planning to make myself a bag of in this style since before I started on my COE work. This is the sort of thing I love to do, research and make textiles from handspinning cultures where textiles are valued as important objects essential to everyday life. This is my second piece in this technique, I did a narrow band because I have not yet mastered wider warps on the backstrap loom. The pattern is traditional for narrow bands, but not done with a wide solid border. Finished textiles have four selvedges, although I have seen one example with self-fringe. I included the fringe because it shows the high-twist yarn.

The image shows the full warp. Before I sent it off, I machine stitched and trimmed the starting edge. I haven't learned how to how to finish the loose warp ends yet.