Skein #19 Flax Fine, Medium or Thick Even Textured Two-Ply Yarn, Wet Spun From a Strick

118.5 m 28 g 4200 m/kg
10 w/cm 26 w/in
Size Determination: Medium


Reason for choice of this sample
This line flax is easily available


Preparation for spinning
Combed with a wool card and wrapped in a towel. This fiber was combed more than for #20, which resulted in a large amount of waste and only a small improvement in quality.

Equipment used
Wool comb, flyer spinning wheel, drop spindle

Type of spinning
Short forward draft

Direction of Twist

Number of plies

Wet blocked

Suggested uses
This yarn can be used for rug weft or for medium-weight fabrics such as table mats and runners. It should be sized before using as warp. It can also be used to make rope or in macramé. The poor quality of available fiber limits the uses for handspun linen yarns from line flax.


Maximum 54 points

Examiner 1: 35
Examiner 2: 36

Both comment that this two-ply needs more twist in both single and ply. Examiner 2 says it's not balanced, that it turns S. I plied this with a spindle to get the twist right and it wasn't doing that when I sent it off. After I hung it up to air overnight here, it was much improved. And then there is the scour thing again.