Part 2: Equipment and Fibers

Section A: Fiber-Preparation Tools


Hackles have many sharp tines and must be firmly attached to a table or workbench with clamps.

To use a hackle to prepare flax or hemp, hold the bundle of fibers by the end and draw it through the tines. Remove the short tow as needed. Reverse the bundle and then hackle the other end. Continue with finer and finer hackles until the the fibers are the desired fineness. A flax hackle has many rows of tines (image 14.)

Very long wool staples can be opened up in a similar fashion with a wool hackle. A wool hackle has one or two rows of tines. It can also be used for blending fibers.

To use a hackle to blend fiber, lash on like a wool comb. Add additional fiber in layers as desired. Pull the fiber off into a top, either by hand or with a diz. The fiber may also be combed off with a small hand-held wool comb and then spun from the comb or pulled into top. For a more uniform blend, use thinner layers. The fibers should be clean and all a similar length. Fleece should be flicked completely open or it may first be combed into top.


Maximum 12 points

Examiner 1: 12
Examiner 2: 12