Skein #39: Special-effect Yarn, Either Singles or Plied, Featuring the Amount of Twist as a Design Factor

111 m 28 g 4000 m/kg
10.5 w/cm 27 w/in
Size Determination: Medium

White and green stripe sliver

Reason for choice of this sample:
The striped sliver makes a random colored yarn and the different staple lengths do not draft evenly. The thick and thin plied yarn has varying amounts of twist, in both the main yarn and the snarls.

Natural color FoxFibre cotton sliver, industrial surplus. SCRAP — San Francisco, California.

Preparation for spinning
None required

Equipment Used
Flyer spinning wheel

Type of spinning
Unsupported long draw

Direction of Twist

Number of plies

Boiled in an alkaline solution, washed and dried under light tension.

Suggested uses
Textured fabrics, either woven (weft) or hand knit. Combined with a similar smooth yarn, this would be an interesting accent on a lighweight knit sweater. The thick and thin single and the snarls show both colors without being overly blended, even in a fine multiple ply yarn. This yarn can be gently machine washed and is soft enough for garments. The natural green color, developed by boiling, will not fade with washing.


Maximum 54 points

Examiner 1: 40
Examiner 2: 45

Both think this is an interesting concept that needs some work. I asked people for opinions on this design, because I would never spin it for myself. I had tons of this striped cotton I wanted to do something with, and puzzled over how to show something "featuring the amount of twist." I didn't think that a thick and thin would go over well on that point and I didn't like how it looked in this fiber. So I spun it tiny and did this snarled 3-ply. The somewhat thick and thin parts plus the snarls kept if from completely blending into a solid color. I was pretty impressed that I managed to get it plied as a balanced yarn, actually.