Part 1: Design

Section A: Elements and Principles

Define in sentence form the following term and discuss how it, when incorporated into a handspun yarn, contributes to the overall design in weaving, knitting, crocheting and lace making.


Emphasis highlights part of a design to draw the viewer to it (image 5.) It can be many things: a contrasting color, an unexpected form or a superimposed pattern. A design may have a primary focal point and other secondary focal points with different emphasized elements.

A yarn can show emphasis in its own design with a prominent element like a speck of bright color, or be used as emphasis in a larger design for its quality of color, texture, size or other attribute. Novelty structures are sometimes used to provide emphasis by the contrast in texture with a plain yarn.


Maximum 12 points

Examiner 1: 11
Examiner 2: 8

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