Skein #18 Flax Thick Yarn, Smooth or Textured

12 m 28 g 425 m/kg
3 w/cm 8 w/in
Size Determination: Thick


Reason for choice of this sample
The remaining tow from the stricks make a rough textured yarn.


Preparation for spinning
This is the tow remaining after two combings for other yarns, no further preparation was required

Equipment used
Wool cards, flyer spinning wheel

Type of spinning
Short forward draft

Direction of Twist

Number of plies

Washed and blocked

Suggested uses
Crochet or use as weft for rough rugs and bags. This yarn is the lowest quality flax and while the fiber makes it strong, it is not suited as warp or any application that demands smooth and strong yarn.


Maximum 54 points

Examiner 1: 40
Examiner 2: 35

More of the same: "not finished." Examiner 2 commented on excess twist in the yarn. I took out twist because there was too much, and then dried it with a lot of tension. I thought I was going to break my skeinwinder, trying to use it as a yarn blocker.