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The latest development in the M story is that we spent the afternoon taking apart and re-assembling the bed in a more vacuum-friendly configuration. It means less storage space in the bedroom (moving up the bottom shelves for the roomba) but no more will the Dust Bunnies of Unusual Size congregate under the bed. I’ve been meaning to do this for years but didn’t because it’s annoying and tedious work. But now it’s done and life is better for it.

I still have the moth traps scattered around the house and so far no new victims. The cleaning isn’t all done, but it’s close so I’m comfortable that the panic is over.

The moths were lurking pretty much where I suspected they were, under the bed cavorting with the Dust Bunnies of Unusual Size. And dirty socks, junk mail of questionable vintage and various other odds and ends. Mainly in the “odd” category: conference badges, candy wrappers, books, tax forms, empty soda bottles, random parts of electronics projects. And vast quantities of people hair.

The bed sits on top of six small utility shelves, all full of stuff, and it is the space under the bottom shelves where dust collects. Vacuuming is possible with effort, but quite annoying as it involves crawling on the floor around the shelves. The only way to really get everything is to disassemble this arrangement and that is not happening this weekend. The mattress is this hard-frame thing that takes at least two people to move, more if one is expected to be of the Feorlen variety.

I am currently waiting for the vacuum to cool down, having developed that ominous overheating rubber smell after about an hour of near-constant use. I do need to finish as quickly as possible however, so I can escort the now-vacuumed beasties to the outside garbage posthaste. When I can get the necessary assistance to move the bed, I’m going to adjust the shelves so the roomba can get under them. I’ve been threatening to do this for some time, despite the loss of storage space, for more-or-less this exact reason.

There were no moths to be found hiding in the wool rug, nor in the several bags of fiber odds and ends in the general vicinity. Or the dust armadillos. I have not checked under the bed, however. (I will note that this is a non-trivial exercise.)

There is space aplenty for gale-force winds to come through the windows, so I suspect they may have arrived that way. It is the males that fly around, looking for companionship. The females do the damage by leaving behind offspring. I already need to replace the stick-on plastic seal stuff on the windows, which would solve that problem (and several others.)

But they came from somewhere. I will have to keep looking and clean up any suspicious debris. With two long-hair residents, we have a serious problem with Dust Bunnies of Unusual Size.

Along with all the bad chintz and ugly crochet baby blankets, sometimes you find really interesting things at thrift stores. When I have time to kill, I sometimes go just to see what’s there. Several times I’ve found little towels that were obviously woven by hand, with overshot borders and neatly done hemstitching and everything.

Today I found a blanket made of dozens of little woven squares. It was obviously done with one of those little square frame looms, something like a small version of the plastic potholder loom. This one is in purple and green frosted acrylic. Pretty nasty yarn as those things go, but firmly woven and well put together. It was $4. I got it to add to the travel gear, as short of melting the thing there isn’t much that is going to hurt it. And it’s sturdy enough to put up with a fair bit of abuse. As long as it stays dry, acrylic is a fine insulation layer.

I also found a pillowcase made from the exact same obnoxious polyester fleece (lime green with blue flowers) that I made a bathrobe out of some years ago. It took me a while to like this kind of “fleece” but I’ve learned to appreciate warm layers. Just don’t get near it if you are the least bit sweaty or it will feel like you are wearing a plastic bag. (That’s not too far off, really.) I had to get it, just because. From the slightly crunchy texture of one corner, apparently somebody tried to iron it.

Another recent shopping find, not from Goodwill, is a clothes moth trap. I’ve seen a few moths around, at times uncertain of the type but not willing to hold them for questioning. They appear to be coming from outside, as it’s never far from one of our horribly drafty windows. The baited glue trap is basically an early warning system, as it’s not the moths that cause trouble. I put one in the textile closet so I can monitor the situation.

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