There were no moths to be found hiding in the wool rug, nor in the several bags of fiber odds and ends in the general vicinity. Or the dust armadillos. I have not checked under the bed, however. (I will note that this is a non-trivial exercise.)

There is space aplenty for gale-force winds to come through the windows, so I suspect they may have arrived that way. It is the males that fly around, looking for companionship. The females do the damage by leaving behind offspring. I already need to replace the stick-on plastic seal stuff on the windows, which would solve that problem (and several others.)

But they came from somewhere. I will have to keep looking and clean up any suspicious debris. With two long-hair residents, we have a serious problem with Dust Bunnies of Unusual Size.

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  1. Elizabeth Bainter says:

    Google for carpet beetles. They’re horrifically destructive, hard to see and will eat anything organic. You’ll know which by what they leave behind. Vacuuming won’t end it. It takes a couple good sprays since the buggers can live in cracks, under carpets etc.

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