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More things far too tedious to mention here have been going on, mostly involving housing. But there is good news to report, finally. We have an apartment, one that is not crumbling and larger than a shoebox. Sadly, we don’t get it for another week, but we have signed the lease. There are two bedrooms, two large hall closets and a decent sized living room that will be the textile studio! It means leaving downtown, but you can’t have everything.

And, even better, I have a loom to go in it. It’s sitting in someone’s garage for the moment but I’ve put down a deposit and she is ok with holding on to it until next week. It’s a Leclerc Nilart 45 inch, 12 harness jack loom. It’s big, much larger than the Artisat I had a while back. It’s an older loom and the model isn’t being made anymore, but parts are still available.

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