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Not surprisingly, packing up and moving has gotten in the way of updating the website. We’re moving up in the world, to the first floor! The annual gift-a-thon means just as we are attempting to clean up, people keep sending us new stuff. Most of it is useful, at least.

All the textile things are packed up. So now a friend is asking me to teach her how to spin. I actually have some time this week because, of course, no real estate transaction can happen on time. Ours is being held up by a city inspection of the back deck, leaving three households standing around waiting. (One of my neighbors was supposed to have a new washer and dryer delivered last week.) At least my friend has a spindle and some fiber so that may still be ok, but I’ve reached the point where I’m unpacking stuff just to be able to get by until we actually move. Without an actual date in sight, I can’t even prepare. The website will certainly be down for a time because it takes weeks to set up new service.

If only I had something interesting textile to talk about.

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