I heard this was coming some time ago, and it finally arrived in my mailbox. For someone who is occasionally puzzled by the contents of Craft, I am amazed to see really good articles about looms and yarns. Some of the projects are done on very simple looms, like the cover pieces done on a backstrap rigid heddle type setup. There is an article about making and warping a frame loom, with a heddle bar and everything. Another than uses a standard rigid heddle loom. And then there is the confessions of a fabric addict by Susie Bright, not exactly somebody I expected to see. Here is the Table of Contents.

The Maker Fair people specifically asked for more traditional crafts at this year’s event, so I know there is interest out there. I hope there is a spinning issue in the works! I’d love to participate but oh boy am I lousy at coming up with exciting and accessible projects. I am the queen of the 5 year plan when it comes to textile projects.

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