Since most of my friends also had today off, I decided to invite people over to do stuff. I think standing in line all night to buy stuff I don’t need is insane, so it was much better to stay home and work on projects. (Well, I did go out for food.) There was a sweater finished and a pattern re-drafted and tested.

I did actually get one thing done at this craft extravaganza, I needed help hemming a vest. There was also laundry and other assorted domestic stuff. (One of my drafty bedroom windows now is sealed with plastic film. Two more to go.)

What I did not do was anything with the loom. I’ve had this warp there for months, half of it was a wedding gift from July. The other half was supposed to be a gift for someone else. Someone I’m not exactly on good terms with at the moment. While I suppose it’s good that I didn’t rip it off the loom and throw it away, it’s been sitting there taking up space. I can easily change the tie-up to get a new pattern, but I can’t decide what.

The fabric is dense and not really suited for clothing or dishtowels. The only thing I can come up with would be a bag of some sort. I did promise The Boyfriend some bags for various things. It would make nice bags. I had the project planned and the warp measured before the ugly falling out, it was all I could do to get it on the loom and get the wedding present done. I’m not sure I want to look at it again once it’s finished. If I can get that far.

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