The weaving continues, I was trying to get all the towels done before the guild meeting on Saturday but it’s not going to happen. So I’m taking a break and doing a few other things. Including updating the website. So far, I’ve had one broken warp and one minor weaving error I didn’t catch in time to fix. Overall, they look pretty good. I want to finish this set and wash them before I decide on the next project in this yarn. Although the fabric looks about right on the loom, you never can be sure until after you wash it.

In other news, the second batch of super-discount yarn from WEBS arrived. three cones of a blue-gray 12/2 cotton and two of black 20/2 wool. For three bucks a cone, it was an amazing deal. I tried to get some black 8/2 rayon to mess around with, but an hour after I ordered it I got an email saying it was sold out. The shipping was nearly twice the cost of the yarn. The 12/2 seems to be stronger than the stuff I’ve currently got on the loom, which is a little odd since it’s all carded cotton. But that means it will make fine warp. And I’ve sure got enough of it. I’ve seen lots of samples woven for books in 20/2 wool, so I figured it would be worth a try. I’ve never used something this fine for warp and actually I’ve not woven a wool warp I didn’t spin. I’m a little concerned about it sticking together, but I guess all I can do is give it a go. I’d have to get more in a different color or think of something that will look good in all black.

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