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I finished the yarn this morning, it’s still drying. I haven’t even measured it yet. But it looks really good:

Wool silk blend yarn

Now to get to work on the plain gray to go with it.

I tried out the new diz with the Merino I’ve been working on. I’m not used to a metal one so it took some adjustment. I have to be more careful to not pull too much fiber at once because it is not at all forgiving. Even with the plastic button I could kinda wiggle it through, and the milk bottle one would just get a larger hole (a different sort of problem.) I also have to remember not to let go of it. The button is small enough that I can leave it hanging there but this will pull the fiber apart.

There is one more bobbin and then I can start plying, I only started this project two years ago. Now that I have the new drum carder I may do more of this fleece flicked and carded, but for now I’ll continue with the combs. I’m not convinced there would be any observable difference, but I feel like I should be consistent and not change things in the middle.

I thought I had posted this picture already, but no. I’m almost done with the first half of the wool/silk, I’ve decided to make a 2-ply weaving yarn. I’ve got plenty of the natural color wool to go with it. The silk has some noils in it and I didn’t want to try to use it as warp without plying, so I’ll just do all of it the same.

blue/brown wool-silk blend

I’m picking out some of the larger lumps from the silk, but mostly just spinning. Normally I want perfectly smooth yarn but the haphazardly dyed silk just isn’t going to let that happen and I have to get over it. I split the batts into strips and pulled each into a long roving. After all that I wonder if it really is faster to drum card than comb, but I would have never gotten the same color blend that way.

The finished fiber is about 170g, enough for a small project. I made two color layered batts because I wanted a high contrast blend that would survive being spun fine and plied and not be totally a solid color by the time I was done. I have no idea what I will do with the yarn, so I went with a somewhat less adventurous color. One of my other possible choices was magenta.

The fleece has been sitting around for years, it came from South Australia and is some sort of Corriedale cross. I sorted out the rest by color and length but this stuff was shorter. I don’t even know where all the silk came from, other than several years of spinning workshops. For now it’s going back into the fiber closet because I still have some Merino to finish spinning.

Started with this pile of fleece (plus a little of plain white)

random natural color fleece bits

and this collection of workshop samples

silk top odds and ends

a little blue dye and a lot of carding later:

blue and brown wool and silk batts

I spent most of the day with the drum carder. Last week I pulled out several small bags of fleece to blend together and this morning decided I didn’t have enough. So out comes the collection of workshop samples and other odds and ends and between all the different kinds of silk I have enough to do something. Gold tussah, bleached tussah, bombyx multiple sources and a few wool/silk blends. I left some of the larger amounts for another project and took all the bits and stuck them in some blue dye.

While the color was steam-setting (three hours!) I started preparing the base fiber. I set aside the lightest color wool to blend with the silk. The wool was all combed out in the staple with a dog brush and then carded, the wool blend took three passes and the silk five (because it was all clumped together after being dyed.) Now the gray-brown and blue batts are ready, tomorrow I just have to do the final layered blend of the two.

There is probably about 200g of fiber, enough for socks and a hat or a large scarf. I’m thinking I’ll do 3-ply sock yarn and then see what I feel like making. The yarn should come out a tweedy blue-gray. I’ll have pictures later.

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