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I tried out the new diz with the Merino I’ve been working on. I’m not used to a metal one so it took some adjustment. I have to be more careful to not pull too much fiber at once because it is not at all forgiving. Even with the plastic button I could kinda wiggle it through, and the milk bottle one would just get a larger hole (a different sort of problem.) I also have to remember not to let go of it. The button is small enough that I can leave it hanging there but this will pull the fiber apart.

There is one more bobbin and then I can start plying, I only started this project two years ago. Now that I have the new drum carder I may do more of this fleece flicked and carded, but for now I’ll continue with the combs. I’m not convinced there would be any observable difference, but I feel like I should be consistent and not change things in the middle.

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