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Now I have almost all the photos online, there are only a few remaining. I have the images and I just need to get them ready to put up. Then maybe I can get back to articles? I have photos for one that have been sitting around for a while.

This morning I went off to the de Young Museum. I’m not normally a huge fan of art museums, but it was a big party for the new building and it was open free all weekend. (And I do mean all. I got there at sunrise, apparently the only time there wasn’t a huge line.) I didn’t know what they had because the old one closed before I moved here. I found the textile collection, with a good number of pieces currently on display. But also there is a textile library. It’s only open by appointment, but I could look in the glass door and see shelves of books. I will go back when it isn’t so much a zoo and see what it’s like.

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