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So I have totally screwed up the dress I was making for the opera. With only a couple days before we leave. I had it all ready to hem and decided to take in the side seam a bit under the arms. Since it was cut from a pattern with sleeves, it really needed to be smaller in the bust for a slip dress. I pinned and stitched and trimmed the seams, and then discovered I had somehow managed to alter the wrong seam. The side front, which is most assuredly NOT where it needed to be taken in. Dress trashed.

I have some different black fabric and a suitable pattern already altered to fit. I just need to adjust the length appropriate for a cocktail dress. And line it because it’s sheer. It’s about another three hours of work, not including hand stitching the hem. I’d have to hand stitch it anyway, so I’ll have two weeks to do it while I’m in Italy. The opera isn’t until the trip home, when we are staying overnight in Munich.

And I still have other things to finish, like stitching the sleeve lining and hemming the coat. How irritating.

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