I need a new raincoat. Like in a big way. The one I have was purchased about ten years and 35kg ago. The pockets are ripped, the buttonholes are pulled out of shape so they don’t like to stay closed and it’s just generally not so hot anymore. So off I went, credit card in hand, to The Rain Shed website. Oooo sale fabric.

Anyway, I got a pile of waterproof and water-repellant fabrics like coated nylon and Wind Pro. Today I’ve been washing the fabric, which is kinda interesting with something that actively sheds water. When I pulled the nylon taffeta out of the washing machine a bunch of water came out with it and left puddles in my laundry basket. Which makes it difficult to haul some now-dry stuff out and back into the other room.

My first project is a waterproof bag, basically a cover for my purse-backpack so I can carry it in the rain. My old raincoat was big enough to put over my purse, but my new jacket isn’t. I have a dry bag I can put it into, but then I have to carry it in my hand rather than on my back. That isn’t so great for the distances I walk around town. I’ve got plans for a rain poncho too, but a little later.

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