I’m working on more Merino lamb, I just pulled out another batch of fiber to start combing. I thought I’d post some pictures along the way. Here’s the first one. I’ve flicked all the ends so they aren’t nasty, taking most of the VM out along the way. Lamb is like that, having never been shorn, the tips are curly so it sometimes takes some extra work.

flicked Merino lamb fleece


  1. mattie says:

    Hi! I love the color of that merino! Thanks for posting a pic of which dog comb you use. You used this after you flicked the ends?
    Thanks again!
    mom3x on Ravelry

  2. feorlen says:

    It’s what I used to flick the tip end of the fleece. I’ll try to get another picture of the fiber in the next round of photos. You can barely make out the lighter color tip ends of the fleece.

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