I’ve been using a button as a diz, to pull fiber off the combs and into an even top for spinning. It works, but is a bother because the fiber tends to migrate around to the front side and tangle. And it is always getting lost. So this weekend I happened to be at a little get-together with The Boyfriend, where there just so happened to be your basic backyard machine shop. Because, you know, everybody’s got a machine shop out in the garage. Go burners!

Anyway, our host gave us a tour and some time later I was encouraged to go play in the shop. I used to do a bit of metalwork, long long ago, but it was entirely with hand tools. And blacksmithing, not cold metal. So while I’m generally familiar with the concept, I hadn’t used a drill press since middle school. My most recent experience was making hot metal flat and/or pointy with a homemade brake drum forge nearly ten years ago. And had no idea where anything was in somebody else’s shop.

So I rummaged around and found a suitable piece of flat steel. I bent it into a likely shape in the vise, we cut it to size, rounded the edges and then I polished it. Yes, it will rust, but I’ve got plenty of other steel equipment that I manage to keep in working order so I’m not worried about it.

polished steel diz

What I am worried about is finding a new hobby. Or more correctly, picking up with an old one that I haven’t messed with in forever because I like living in cities. I’ve promised to bring the combs next time.

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