The Z bobbin of romney is done and I’m well along on the second S one. There are some pictures I haven’t gotten off the camera yet, but I can tell you exactly what it looks like: a skein of 400-ish meters of off-white singles. Rather a lot like this, actually, although a bit finer and nowhere near as even. I’d guess it’s around 25 wraps per inch, for those who pay attention to such things (I usually don’t.)

I left it on the skein winder and sprayed it with water rather than wash, I don’t want it to fluff up at all and drying under tension would be a good thing. The skein winder is wood, but I long ago finished the pegs in clear nail polish so it could handle a little water. It’s still not a proper yarn blocker, but it will do for now. I started to count the finished skein to get an accurate length measurement, but I tried it the day I was home sick and managed to lose track before I could write it down.

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