I’m declaring the single finished for this sock yarn. I’ve got about 30g on the last bobbin and that is enough to give me a decent sized finished skein. I was trying to get some spinning done again this morning but the fiber is sticking to my fingers. One hazard of living in San Francisco, when it does get warm, nobody has air conditioning. Plying won’t be as much of a problem. If I can get that done tomorrow morning, I’ll have enough time to wash and do a swatch.

The sock-in-progress is coming along, although as usual I’m appalled at my inability to maintain a consistent gauge. It varies when my hands are cold, if it’s warm and sticky and at this point probably by phase of the moon. It’s not a problem when I’m doing firm fabric, only when I’m attempting to knit “normal” stuff. Like vaguely approximating the suggested gauge. It seems the end result will still be wearable and it might shrink a bit in washing. This was an experiment anyway, so I’m not distraught or anything. I never claimed I was a great knitter.

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