The diz experiment went well, although I need to do something about getting a better diz. The plastic jug is ok for thick stuff but that’s about it. It’s too soft, so the hole gets larger as you go. Not good. I tried using a button, which was better, but it’s hard to work with. Not only is it just difficult to hold, but since it’s so small I end up grabbing fibers on the other side when I’m not supposed to. Believe it or not, the hole is too large as well. Time to go shopping, or maybe something will turn up at a thrift store or random junk pile. You never know.

More fiber washing this morning, and let me tell you I’m liking this sunshine thing. Summer in San Francisco is not known for sunny days, but we live on the other side of the city from the fog-inducing ocean. Oh it gets over here often enough, but it’s not so much that we live in perpetual pea soup like some parts of the city. And we now have a nice big back courtyard that gets sun. After being in the basement for so long I’m just astounded that I can sit here with the windows open (We have windows! And they open to actual outside!) and it’s just nice. Not too hot, not too cold, and a pleasant breeze. The Merino I scoured this morning is already almost dry. (And my neighbors occasionally wander by wondering what that weird object with the dead rats inside is. Good thing nobody actually asked, as I can’t explain much farther than “Es la lana.”)

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