Several people have asked me what do you get for doing the COE. Well, you get a mention in a magazine and sometimes people are impressed. Other times people are impressed that you put up with all the nonsense to finish it. I have a new item for my textile resume. Mostly it seems that is about it.

One thing I wasn’t expecting is to be asked to submit something for a show. A few weeks ago, the president of HGA called me (the day after we moved, to be exact) and asked if I had anything to display at Convergence in June. If I had more notice, I might have been able to make something new. But I decided to send the two knit hats. I’m cleaning them up and we’ll see how it goes. I have no idea what to expect, other than the conference is having a display of work from recent COE recipients. The president is also the director of the COE program and is looking to promote it.

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