A few new changes — I’m working on the design of the site to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for, both from search engines and once you get here. I’ve also added targeted advertisements. The revenue-free grace period (sponsored by The Boyfriend) is over, so I have to see what I can do about it. I’m trying to make them not too obnoxious. In the process, I also get a search feature.

I want to get back to writing new articles, recently I realized just how much content I have here but most of it is the COE work. I have a few ideas, I just have to get to it with the constraints of the New and Improved (Somewhat) Employed Feorlen. I was thinking about the content of the site and realized I could make it both easier to find and easier to navigate by paying attention to the search engines. And since I’ve given in to the Cult of the Schedule C, I’m already paying the tax accountant and might as well try for some additional revenue. Strangely, I was able to deal with both by signing up with Google.

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