Finally I have the last required fiber, thanks to a local guild member who appears to have collected every possible spinning material ever produced. I have about 60g of camel hair top in a sortof beige shade called “blonde.” It’s really just hair, with the down removed. Once upon a time it came from a magical place called Straw Into Gold, a spinning shop in Berkeley that closed about a year before I moved here. It is entirely possible that this stuff has been sitting around since the 70s. I last saw someone spinning camel hair about fifteen years ago and nary a hint of it since. So now that problem is taken care of.

The now sky-blue silk/ingeo blend is ready to spin, it only took forever. I ended up doing basically punis yet again, because all that carding broke a lot of fiber and it’s now more like cotton. But other than that the blend is nice, so I’m not going to worry about it. I need to finish the Romney first, if I can keep from getting distracted I might have the single done tomorrow. Even with the extra I need to do the swatch. It’s so nice to spin something I enjoy. Now I just need to keep from getting distracted away from the rest of the writing. I have a little more than two months to finish this. Between the local science fiction convention and an expected business trip, The Boyfriend is going to be out of the house for a while starting next week so I get to do nothing but spin.

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