Oh, some other stuff about the site. I’ve been working on writing a lot but I haven’t been announcing it here. There are a lot of small changes, some new yarn here and there or an updated writing topic. I finally started on the blending one, but I’m still avoiding the whole design theory section for now. That is starting to look like a glaring omission, I’ll have to get to it soon.

I think I’m going to continue the cotton for a while, a friend is lending me her charka this weekend. I’ve managed to get decent results from the Lendrum but I’d like to try something else. I got to play with a Bosworth book charka last weekend and now this one is the larger attachè one. If you think you hate charkas because you have an Indian one, try one of these. They are an amazing piece of design and they work like you would not believe. Not fussy at all.

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