The silk experiment is a success, and it’s a lot easier to work with this way. The fiber is very pretty, all soft and fluffy like that, but a pain to work with because it tries to escape at every opportunity. Now it looks like something wet and dead, but it spins better. Maybe if I get my act together, I’ll actually dye the bombyx to make it less dreadfully dull. The tussah at least has an interesting soft gold color.

As for the other tussah project, I realized last night that I have to wind off and empty the spindle. And it doesn’t look anywhere near full. But I’m spinning it with a sorta-long draw technique and the silk just slides all over the place. That 15g spindle now weighs 36g and I can’t get the fine yarn I was. I want to wind it on a bobbin for better storage but I’m actually thinking I’ll skein it to have a look. If I ever actually intend to do anything with this, I should try to spin something vaguely like it with the rest of the fiber.

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