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People and Oragnizations

We're making afghans for Afghans! Knit and crochet for displaced Afghan families. Afghans for Afghans collects new handmade items for Afghan refugees. Ann Rubin, the founder, is a San Francisco knitter. She can often be found at the SF Knitters meetings at the Main Library showing off the latest handspun yarns from her economic development partners in Central Asia. They offer Afghan-style knitting patterns and spinning postcards for sale on their website.

SF Craft Mafia: DIY or Die

San Francisco Craft Mafia — Local chapter of the Austin-based Craft Mafia, a craft business association to foster independent handcraft in all forms.

Spindles and Flyers is a local spinning guild that meets in El Cerrito, California. They participate in many local educational events and demonstrations around the Bay Area.

Spinningfiber LiveJournal community — Our own little online Spin-n-Bitch.


Breeds and Wool Uses, Black and Coloured Sheep Breeders' Association of New Zealand.

Carolyn Priest-Dorman &mdash Many articles on historic textiles, particularly of the Viking era. An online reenactor friend for many years and much better at getting around to writing articles than I am.

Choosing a spinning wheel, Fuzzy Galore — An overview of common modern spinning wheels and things to consider. &mdash Video and images of basic handspinning techniques.

Oklahoma State University Breeds of Sheep — An extensive catalog of sheep breeds worldwide.

On-Line Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving and Related Topics. — Images of out of print documents on textile subjects, bibliographies and other resources maintained by Ralph Griswold at the University of Arizona.

Sheep Breeds, Meat & Wool Innovation Ltd.

U.S. Sheep Breeders Online Directory — A directory of breeders listed by breed. Some of them have websites and sell fleeces.

Wool and Mohair Grades, TextileLinks &mdash Explains how wool is graded by fineness and the multiple grading scales.

Wormspit — Silkworms and silk processing by hand.

Stuff to Buy

Stacey's booksellers since 1923Books! Some of my favorite textile publications and many classics, reviewed for your reading pleasure. Support both independent booksellers and by ordering through this website with Stacey's, my favorite local bookstore. Click on the link at the left to browse their online store, or use the links on the Recommended Publications page to find individual items.

Carolina Homespun, San Francisco, California — My local spinning shop, with lots of cool stuff and monthly get-togethers. Morgaine also dyes some wild fibers in very Not Sheep colors.

Spring Hill Farm, Port Ludlow, Washington — I got a really nice Romney fleece from here.

Susan's Fiber Shop, Columbus, Wisconsin — Susan McFarland is the Queen of the Wool Combs. And a really cool person.

Utopia Ranch, Redwood Valley, Californaia &mdash Jean Near has great Merino sheep. She sells on eBay, too. All her sheep have names, my fleeces are "Rona" and "Hazel."