About SpinnySpinny.com

Feorlen, Your Benevolent Dictator

SpinnySpinny.com is for all aspects of handspinning and textiles that are of interest to the author, Feorlen. It's Feorlen's server, Feorlen's domain, and Feorlen's questionable web design skills. But she is willing to share, because textiles are cool and more people should appreciate them.

Here you will find works in progress, completed projects, general rants and other things textile related. There are articles about fibers and handspinning techniques and links to fiber information. It is also the home of Feorlen's COE Adventure, the tale of preparing an entry for the Certificate of Excellence in Handspinning, which I successfully completed in September 2005. Whether you have a farm of spinning wheels or have just bought your first drop spindle, make yourself comfortable and have a look around.

The site itself runs on the finest of recycled computer hardware, with some help from Mac OS X and Apache. We aren't in the basement anymore since we moved to the Mission, but we still have all the excitement of downtown living coming to visit us out here by San Francisco General Hospital.

This site uses Javascript and cookies to collect usage data and serve advertisements via Google. No additional data is collected although, like all websites, I can see your IP address and the page, if any, that referred you here. My logfiles and usage statistics are not publicly accessible.

SpinnySpinny by Andrea Longo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

For more information, email spinnyspinny at feorlen dot org.